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Service Dogs

 A service dog can be a great benefit for Veterans with  disabilities.  The Truman Foundation believes that service dogs have a  therapeutic value to Veterans with disabilities that can be life  changing for the Veteran and their family.   Properly trained service  dogs are essential to many Veterans with disabilities. There is a  dangerous trend where people are taking their pets out in public as a  service dog. Dogs that are not trained as a service dog and are  portrayed as a service dog is not only a disservice to the service dog  community, it can cause irreparable harm to a trained service dog. There  have been many cases where  the service dog was attacked by the other  dog. Portraying a pet as a service dog is also faking a disability for  the person.  


 Many of our Veterans suffer invisible wounds that can impair their  lives and family life dramatically. Veteran suicide rates are higher  than the general population. The Department of Veteran Affairs estimate  the rate of suicide by Veterans is 20 a day. The Truman Foundation is  passionate about Veterans utilizing service dogs to help them not become  a statistic of the 20 suicides a day. We want to reach out to Veteran  organizations and provide information on service dogs and the mental  health benefits they provide to our wounded Veterans.  


 The Truman Foundation is supporting the community and places of  employment with information the various aspects of service dogs. The  difference between a emotional support dog, therapy dog, and service  dog. The  laws that are related to service dog teams: public accesses,  housing, and transportation that is under the Americans with  Disabilities act. The ability to further understand the laws and the  importance of service dogs for our wounded Veterans will benefit the  community and the Veteran. This improvement will allow the service dog  team to feel more adequate when out in public with this type of  support.  

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